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In addition to the hundreds of albums on which he has played for other artists, Amen Viana  has composed and recorded five albums of his own: Electric Togoland (2014), Pearls and Gold (2012), Funkabelik and the single 'Lonely' with KBLek (2012), Togo to Go with the group Zoka Fonktion (2010), and Gamessou with the trio Maleeka (2007). Due out in 2018 is The Afrocanalyst, Amen's stunning solo incursion into the Afro-Rock arena, which features compelling original compositions, electrifying guitar riffs as well as special guest artists Keziah Jones and Akua Naru.

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 19.46.56.png

The Afrocanalyst heralds Amen’s arrival as a mature independent artist.  Co-produced by the formidable Kwamé Yeboah, composed and recorded by Amen Viana, and drawing upon the talents of the many exceptional musicians he has worked with over the years,  including Keziah Jones and Akua Naru, 'The Afrocanalyst' explores the unchartered dimensions of the relationship between African and European music.  It does so with the watchful gaze of a sage who straddles both continents and has been able to appropriate the best of both musical worlds.  A magical synergy that promises great things...

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